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The power of the people: be a campaign

Reading time: 3:00 | Campaigning is to lobby for whatever you may think is worth the effort. And it fosters democracy. As we all know,...

Preventing fascism: an exit strategy for billionaires

Reading time: 3:00 min | The climate emergency isn’t looming around the corner anymore. It’s there, and its rampage is already rattling society. But...

Taking a photo is rarely about photography

Reading time: 2:30min | When you use your camera to gain new and more profound knowledge of your environment with all the twists and...

Investors beware: have an eye on peatlands

Reading time: 3:00min | Landscape conservation will become big business—inevitably. Prof. Ibrahim Özdemir, an advisor to the UNEP, states: In Germany, almost 10 per...


Colour in hair

Municipal orange

The sledgehammer


Linden green

Prussian alchemy

Why The Let Go

My Holism

Diversity: There’s a lot to learn from nature

Reading time: 2:30 | There are a few misconceptions to be found when talking about diversity. Busting them helps to understand what diversity...

Diversity: everybody wins

Reading time: 3:30 min. | Instead to acknowledge diversity, we are on the fence to slam the door in ours neighbour’s face and turn...

Diversity: freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose

Reading time: 3:00 | Nothing don’t mean nothing honey if it ain’t free. For Janis Joblin’s Booby McGee being not constrained to anything was...

Here to stay: the Leica SL2-S

Reading time: 2:45 | I find the naming convention of cameras in photography land zero inspirational—which is quite telling. What kind of target group...

Cognitive Colour Theory

Why making flags

A hidden menace

Consumption Colours