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Diversity: freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose

Reading time: 3:00 | Nothing don’t mean nothing honey if it ain’t free. For Janis Joblin’s Booby McGee being not constrained to anything was...

Here to stay: the Leica SL2-S

Reading time: 2:45 | I find the naming convention of cameras in photography land zero inspirational—which is quite telling. What kind of target group...

I feel mirrored by my roses

Reading time: 4:30 | Roses show distinct personalities. But like with us humans, not every rose is a nice guy or a champ everyone...

The colour green shouldn’t be a signal colour

Reading time: | Finally, Summer’s arrived. That’s the time when our joy for the plant’s growing foliage wears out and is taken for granted....


The sledgehammer



The Persian colour

Colour and wine

Why The Let Go

My Holism

On Vibrancy and Lautheit

Reading time: 3:00 min | Vibrancy and lautheit are words that describe certain impressions we might have or not have when watching media. Both...

Der Untertan (the loyal subject)

Reading time: 2:30 min | With the changes that await us, which will be most likely full-blown upheavals on many levels, we, the citizens,...

When dimensionality kicks in

Reading time: 3:00 min | Dimensionality is inherent to our daily life. But we rarely understand its power outside parking a car. There’s a buzzword...

Why protecting nature is the wrong story

Reading time: 3:30 min | As it seems, the Coronavirus’ worst impacts on us humans are retreating in Western countries. Hopefully, the rest of...

Cognitive Colour Theory

Why making flags

Consumption Colours

A hidden menace