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The coronavirus can cost us our freedom

Reading time: 5:30 min | Thesis: Health is becoming part of the sustainability concept and the top priority of political action. This could cost...

Reality, Canossa, and the muon

Reading time: 3:15 min | I’m a great fan of Karl Popper, who said that it’s not about the possession of knowledge; it’s about...

British engineering: the Super Brush

Reading time: 1:45 | A very German habit: worshipping the British lifestyle, which is, by times, absolutely justified. When my daughter became a toddler, and...

Want landscape conservation? Win the people.

Reading time: 4:30 | An obvious equation but not easily be resolved. Let’s go check the carmakers. When selling a product — and persuading people...


The sledgehammer

Linden green

The colour of colours


Pretty fiction

Clothes in images

Why The Let Go

My Holism

Düsseldorf, Washington, sideburns

Reading time: 2 min. | In this picture, Elvis Presley, Delbert Sonny West, and Jerry Schilling meet 1970 Richard Nixon in the White House....

B2B or not to be

Reading time: 2:30 min | Many people tend to divide strictly between professional work and private life and do so too when it comes...

Die neue Morgenröte erblüht

Reading Time: 3:30 min | The character face on the left belongs to Frederic Douglass (1818-1895). He was an escaped slave, became one of...

Philanthropy? No, thanks

Reading time: 3:30 | Yes, we need philanthropy, and no, we don’t. As with most medicines, the dose makes the poison. While the gap between...

Cognitive Colour Theory

Why making flags

A hidden menace

Consumption Colours