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On Vibrancy and Lautheit

Reading time: 3:00 min | Vibrancy and lautheit are words that describe certain impressions we might have or not have when watching media. Both...

Der Untertan (the loyal subject)

Reading time: 2:30 min | With the changes that await us, which will be most likely full-blown upheavals on many levels, we, the citizens,...

When dimensionality kicks in

Reading time: 3:00 min | Dimensionality is inherent to our daily life. But we rarely understand its power outside parking a car. There’s a buzzword...

Why protecting nature is the wrong story

Reading time: 3:30 min | As it seems, the Coronavirus’ worst impacts on us humans are retreating in Western countries. Hopefully, the rest of...



Colour in hair


Prussian alchemy

Colour and wine

Why The Let Go

My Holism

Taken hostage

Reading time: 3:00 min | The picture on the left shows Patty Hearst, the daughter of publisher William Randolph Hearst, at the moment of...

The climate ruling

Reading time: 3:00 | Most people I know optimise their tax obligations whenever possible. A majority believes the government isn’t competently spending their taxes....

The coronavirus can cost us our freedom

Reading time: 5:30 min | Thesis: Health is becoming part of the sustainability concept and the top priority of political action. This could cost...

Reality, Canossa, and the muon

Reading time: 3:15 min | I’m a great fan of Karl Popper, who said that it’s not about the possession of knowledge; it’s about...

Cognitive Colour Theory

Consumption Colours

A hidden menace

Why making flags