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Why The Let Go?

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Reading time: 1:00min | Why I’m doing this blog.

I’m lucky to be the father of two who lives since 30+ years in an affectionate relationship with far more ups than downs.

What connects me with everyone else is this: we’re living in a time of disruption and unprecedented challenges in human history. That affects all of us regardless of where we live and regardless of how well-off we are.

Unprecedented is the word of our time. The scientifically predicted but most unprecedented future event is global climate warming. Anyone with a heart and empathy for humanity, earth and its inhabitants must come to terms with the consequences of this threat.

Identifying those consequences and how we deal with them is a personal challenge for all of us and, on a larger scale with much higher stakes, a collective endeavour that just has begun. Any way you slice it, the white knight of shiny future technology won’t come to our rescue; thus, some form of transformation is inevitable. I’m convinced that Let Go will play a significant role in this transformation.

As anyone is transforming in their lives, humanity is too. And as we go through the various stages of life, we gain new perspectives. We learn that a toddler has diverse needs compared to a twenty-three old young woman who might have many opportunities and growth in front of her. But when you get older, at some point, you may learn to let go. The kids are leaving the house; the body isn’t at its peak anymore, things change.

I like to figure out playfully what growth could be and what let go could mean. I like to evaluate what’s worth keeping and what can let go. This includes anything imaginable: ideologies, ideas, items. All is up for discussion.

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