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Reading time: 1:10 | Yellow is a colour of unpredictable moods.

To a bright, clear yellow, with a barely perceptible, slight tendency to orange, we say golden yellow. The name says it all. The typical golden tone of the precious metal is warm, showing a yellow tone to the warm side (if alloyed with some brass as usual) and shines because of its metallic texture. It is a friendly, very radiant variant of the sun yellow with an inner feeling of value, which is almost vulgar, golden taps come to my mind.

The other variant of yellow, for example, is primrose yellow (like British racing green (BRG), primrose yellow is a car paint standard for vintage racing cars from the UK). It avoids this relatively cheap sense and becomes a colourful preciousness through a sensitive mixing with green and white. A visible tendency of the yellow tone of Pernod with water leads to a very stylish interpretation of primrose yellow and is much more interesting than golden yellow and seems significantly more valuable.

But we have to take into account that primrose yellow is on the cold side. It’s in no way a warm colour suitable to fill our hearts with friendliness. Primrose yellow gives a bold colour touch that asks for justification to the contrary of golden yellow, which fits conveniently in many colour themes. But with many things, convenience is rarely outstanding. Yellow, in my opinion, is the most underrated and misunderstood colour.

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